SS17 - Eternal Blue

Homeland. Sky. Blue.

Transcending the literal perception of the sky over Mongolia, Spring Summer 17’s take is far more abstract. Colour palette is exaggerated in ultramarine, bright azure and gentle, cloud-like ivory. Midnight navy connotes tones after the sun has set, and fabric weights ebb and flow like the mist that caps the mountain ranges of home. 

Overlapping seams, folded shoulder details and panel inserts reference the ever changing landscape that so richly informs OYUNA’s collections, and that influence stretches far further than just silhouettes. Mongolian cashmere is paired with buttons carved from the seed of the Tagua tree in South America, cotton and silk are incorporated throughout - unaccompanied and as blends - and hero pieces are individually hand-painted with blue pigment in our London design studio.

Harmoniously bringing together contrasting elements of fabric, colour and shape, the collection truly reflects not only the skies above Mongolia, but the Eternal Blue above us all.

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