how to care for your cashmere

The supremely soft cashmere of Mongolia has been a part of nomadic life for centuries.

We combine cashmere from those very same lands with a directional design approach to create products we hope will stay with you for a very long time. 

To give your cashmere the longest possible life, we recommend you follow this simple guide for long-lasting luxury.


Try to let your cashmere air and relax after use, avoiding direct sunlight.

Please refer to individual care labels but generally we advise that all woven items and substantial knitted items should be dry-cleaned.

Smaller knitted items can be hand-washed in lukewarm water (30° or less) with cashmere or wool shampoo; follow the instructions on the bottle for the ratio of water to shampoo, and do not use fabric softener as it will stiffen the fibres.

Gently wash the item, and do not rub or wring. Rinse well and gently squeeze or press the water out. Lay flat on a towel at room temperature to dry, shape while wet. If needed, gently iron using a cool setting with a damp cloth, or steam on the iron’s wool setting.


Cashmere is a natural fibre and therefore pilling will occur over time as with any soft natural fibre. It is a natural process and does not indicate poor quality. Remember to de-pill your cashmere garment before washing it. We recommend that you use a battery-operated de-fuzzer.


Cashmere can attract moths. Before storing for long periods of time, ensure that the piece has been washed. Moths are particularly attracted to body oils, hair, stains and food particles. Store your garment in a cotton bag that closes with zippers, as this will allow it to breathe.

Wash your wardrobe often and use anti-moth products such as cedar bags (replacing them regularly) when storing your garment.

If you discover moths, remove the cashmere and deep clean your wardrobe or cupboard thoroughly. Then freeze the cashmere for a day or overnight as this will kill any moths or moth larvae. You can then defrost and dry-clean your cashmere.