OYUNA Creatives: Lune Kuipers

Where do you find inspiration in your home during these days?

Inspiration usually strikes when I allow my mind to wander, for example when cooking dinner or taking a shower. I’ve also started working again on my collages which gives me all sorts of new ideas.

Lune, we know that you are from the Netherlands! You should tell us one of your favourite places that we can't miss out!

Get away from the cities and explore the countryside, from the flat green landscape of the northern region to a long stretch of coast line. To add some culture to your trip, combine a walk on the beach with a trip to Museum Voorlinden. A privately owned modern art museum in Wassenaar, my favourite museum in the country. 

The best thing you managed to do this week? 

Finishing a 1000 piece puzzle of Gustav Klimt’s painting The Kiss was definitely a personal highlight.