circle conversations | alexandra genova

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Please tell us the way that led you to create your film "Our land". What was rewarding and what was challenging?

I'd been covering food and farming stories in the U.K. for a number of years as a print journalist and filmmaker and the lack of ethnic diversity in agriculture was obviously something I was aware of.

Entrenched rural demographics and a history of land being owned and inherited by a white wealthy few, means that access to farming is very difficult for those on the "outside", particularly those living in urban areas, making it the least racially diverse profession in the country. 

I began researching more deeply and found that there were a number of farmers and food growers from diverse backgrounds who were making space for themselves. I thought it was vital that their story be told.

Making any film is a challenge from start to finish! It takes perseverance and you have to really care about the story you're telling because there will be so many barriers preventing it from happening. But it's incredibly rewarding to know that the people in it feel like I have done their stories justice.

What does land mean to you? What are its connotations for you?

My current documentary is about a radical rethinking of land ownership in Scotland. I’m inspired by the idea that land can deliver shared prosperity for many or privilege for a few. It can be a site of trauma but also a place of healing. This film unpicks the legacy of concentrated land ownership and explores how a new way is possible...


What is the biggest challenge in your opinion that modern societies face now?

Food security is a huge issue. The global food supply chain is so connected; we've seen this with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The UK government is not doing enough - in my opinion - to increase sustainable food production in this country. 

What inspires you?

I've been lucky to interview and film so many inspiring people, who are making the impossible happen. 

What would be your dream film or journalistic piece of writing?

My recent projects have been based in the U.K. and I've really enjoyed covering subjects in my own back yard. But I was born in the United States and my paternal roots are there (my great grandmother was Native American) so I have a yearning to return to make my next film...

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life?

I buy local, seasonal food as much as I can. I get around London by bicycle and I almost exclusively shop vintage & second hand for clothes!

How does wearing an OYUNA piece make you feel? What is your favourite piece from our AW22 Collection?

Comforting, elegant and sensual. 

To finish off,  I have a few simple questions; you can reply with a word or a couple of words…If I say ‘blue’, what comes to your mind?

Blue? The sea

Strength? Community 

Beauty? Natural

Softness? Friendship

Precious? The natural world