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Laetitia de Allegri is a Swiss-born Berlin based designer, creative consultant and colour specialist. Her work encompasses a diversity of applications from industrial products and furniture to interior projects, both in private and public commissions. Laetitia’s approach puts emphasis on the balance between beauty and functionality, sculptural and industrial, employing these aspects within her practice in the most simple and pure ways. | @laetitia_dea

Laetitia is wearing the AXOMI Jacket in Forest.

What does colour mean to you?

For me, colour is life and energy. It's vibrant, like music.

Laetitia’s home & Nereidi vases by Laetitia & Matteo for Salviati.

What is your favourite colour?

It depends on my mood, I react to colour in a very instinctive way, so my favourite colour always changes. Often the colour of the clothes I am wearing is the favourite one for the day. I am a colour lover so I love almost all the colours, the bright ones, the most subtle ones… I had some phases of oranges and blues.

When you design your spaces, how do you go about the choice of materials that you use?

There is always a combination, but most of the time I use honest materials. I try to be as sustainable as possible with my choices of materials and designs. I work a lot with recycled materials, do a lot of research about them and new materials in general. Designing with longevity in mind is probably my main ethos, making sure whatever the project - product/furniture/spaces things - lasts a long time, using mostly honest, natural material and designing in a respectful way. Another aspect when selecting a material apart from its fabrication properties and visual, is how the material makes you feel, the touch, the smell, are also very important. I tend to use natural materials which are often easier to connect with in the long run.

Laetitia is wearing the AXA Top in Feather.

How do you choose materials?

What fits the light, the space, the architecture and the functionality of the space. I want it to feel like a home. You want to feel comfortable. It's nice to have natural materials that bring you back to nature, that bring you back to the essential elements.

Interior designed by Laetitia for P. Joseph Studio & COS London window installation design by Laetitia.

What is your favourite part of your home?

Our living room - full of windows, full of light. It's a spacious, multifunctional area where the kitchen and living space coexist. We love this setup. Inviting friends over, cooking together - the community aspect is very important to us. We have a nice record player and we enjoy listening to good jazz and classical music.

Laetitia is wearing the NINA Top in Ivory with SANDA Trousers in Black.

How do you keep mindful of sustainability in your practice?

Sustainability is longevity. Make sure your products are designed well and to last, not just for a trend. The best way to be totally sustainable is really hard to define. It depends where the material comes from, how it's extracted. Make sure it is timeless and well made.

Laetitia’s designs Secant for Ace Hotel & Chandelier by Laetitia for P. Joseph Studio.

What is your favourite project that you've worked on?

The "Mise-en-abyme" I did in collaboration with Matteo Fogale for London Design Week at the Victoria & Albert museum. The feedback was the most rewarding part. Often I design products and I enjoy them myself, but I don't know how other people will take them in their life or what their feelings towards them will be. You design for people and that's the most rewarding part.

To finish off, I have a few simple questions. You can respond with a word or a couple of words…

If I say blue, what comes to your mind?





Cashmere and my baby's skin.


Nature and balance.


In nature, for sure. My favourite place would be the beach, in front of the sea. Vast nature. I like to go where there's nobody. Where you really feel the power of nature.

How do you feel when you're wearing Oyuna pieces?

Truth and honesty.