spring/summer '24


Concept of PAPER takes centre stage for SS24 collection. it is a simple but precious object that has so many connotations.
It is learning, it is a love letter, it is an art, it is a belief, it is a reincarnation.
It might be non-existent in a near future for the sake of saving the trees and the planet. let’s celebrate paper in all its glory and pay gratitude to it before that. Paper is one of the most amazing mediums that can be manipulated and transformed. we are slicing, cutting, and folding it to guide us in shapes and forms for ss24.


Cut, sliced and folded paper were the guiding lines for shapes and design details.
Collection pieces are designed to be a-seasonal and for day-to-evening dressing. Architectural lines, comfort and timelessness were the focus in the design process.


Trees as a source of paper, and the mountains, lakes and sunsets around it were the guiding lines for our SS24 colour world: Sunkiss, Lemon, Fern, Azure, Indigo and Green hues supported by timelessness of Feather, Ivory, Ocean and Black.

Yarns & Fabrics

Organic cotton yarn from Italy, SFA certified cashmere from Mongolia are the main yarns for SS24. Over-production disused cotton and mixed fabrics from Italy are the backbone of summery styles.


SS24 images were shot in Mongolia, 2 hours from the capital Ulaanbaatar, in the mountainous area with forests - to reflect the PAPER concept of this collection.

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