spring/summer '23

Our SS23 Collection concept is NOMAD. We are paying respect to our Mongolian nomads who are the guardians of the land, livestock and cashmere it gives us. We are paying respect to the Tay tribe of Northern Vietnam, who are the guardians of the mountains in Sapa region and centuries old precious tradition of plant dyed hand-woven fabrics.

We hope you will feel the soulfulness of our collection breathing through its fresh Mongolian cashmere and special hand- woven fabrics. We are passionate about them and every single person who helped create them for us and you.

Collection pieces are designed to be a-seasonal and for day-to-evening dressing. Architectural lines, elegance, comfort and timelessness were guiding words in the design process.

Our SS23 Collection shines a light on undyed natural colours of soft RICE and SALT- supported by bright hues of Marine, Ochre, Sun and soothing tones of Feather, Ivory and Dawn.

Cashmere yarn for our SS23 Collection is SFA certified sustainable cashmere produced by our proud nomads who keep the age-old traditions of one of the last remaining nomadic cultures in the world. Cashmere goats moult once a year in spring, three or four goats giving enough cashmere just for one pullover. Cashmere, the most precious natural fibre, goes through almost a hundred steps that turns it from raw fibre to a finished garment, which is designed by us to last and be cherished for many years to come.  Cotton yarn is an upcycled organic cotton yarn spun in Italy and originating from Peru. We believe in not leaving a single cone of yarn unused from previous seasons. There was so much work that went into creating these yarns, so they need to be valued and used for years.

Hand woven cotton
Cotton fabrics are hand-woven by the Tay tribe who have a tradition of hundreds of years of beautiful hand-woven fabrics. They are one of the last remaining tribes in the world that live as one with nature, creating their own textiles from nature, using only natural plant dyes.