autumn/winter '23


Our AW23 Collection concept is STITCH
Every garment starts with a single stitch.
Every journey starts with a single step.
Every peace starts with one kind thought.

For AW23 we are celebrating the small things in life, the ones that make the biggest difference. We must celebrate every small effort taken towards a better us, a better day, a better world. We shine light on the smallest elements that make up a piece of clothing. A single stitch is zoomed in to be the centre of the garment.

Design & Silhouettes

Our pure cashmere collection is an intersection of contemporary forward thinking design and singular quality. Finished with the utmost care, all of our pieces are thoughtfully conceptualised to account for every phase of their life, from beginning to end. Through our conscious cashmere constructions, we hope to share with you a story of unity and collaboration. This collection directs its attention towards architectural streamlined silhouettes highlighted by key design elements. Detailing includes paneling and light fringing, bringing subtle interest to minimal pieces. A wide maxi cut in trousers and dresses creates a soft, relaxed silhouette to combine with slim layering pieces. Reversible styles in double-sided jacquard offer multiple styling options for increased wearability.


Our AW23 colours are a return to the winter hues of Mongolia’s land. A rich colour palette of warm neutrals is punctuated with light complementary colours of Sage and Ray. Solid colours are used for monochromatic styling while underpinning pieces of carefully curated jacquard melanges provide subtle dimension. Visual interest is cultivated through the use of chunky knit structures contrasted with smooth minimal pieces.


Exclusively luxurious pure cashmere, our AW23 collection offers a wide range of weights and stitches. SFA certified sustainable cashmere is sourced by our proud Nomads that guard the age old traditions of Nomadic culture. Cashmere goats molt once a year in spring, three or four goats giving enough cashmere just for one pullover. Cashmere, the most precious natural fibre, undergoes a laborious number of steps that transform it from raw fibre to a finished garment. We design with intention and believe that the most sustainable pieces are those that can stand the true test of time.