autumn/winter '17

OYUNA Autumn/Winter 17 is a further development of the brands unique synergy of contemporary cashmere design and the heritage of Mongolia’s nomads. Curved seams, diagonal hems and arcing sleeves, mirror the groundbreaking art of Julia Dault, who’s folded Plexiglass and Formica works greatly in influence the silhouettes of AW17.

Layering continues to be key to the OYUNA wardrobe, with great inspiration drawn from the Nomads of Oyuna’s homeland, Mongolia. Wrapped styles feature across coats, dresses and trousers, and are almost modular-like in their execution, creating complimentary new shapes when worn together. Folded sleeves - another key Eastern in influence - feature prominently in the collection, becoming exaggerated and dramatic with this season’s oversized, structured poncho’s in 100% reversible woven cashmere.

Though known for excellence in cashmere design, fabric blends of silk, cotton and wool give AW17 an expansive range of texture and weight, coming to the fore in a hybrid jumpsuit/dress crafted from Italian silk and cotton.

Drawing on influences from the Far East to Western Modern Art, Autumn/Winter 17 sees OYUNA continue to fuse contrasting design elements into a modern and contemporary Womenswear cashmere collection.