Sustainable Fibre Alliance


From the first comb of a cashmere goat to the local Mongolian communities who spin our yarn: we know that achieving full sustainability is far from simple.

However, alongside some of the most progressive voices in the fashion industry, we are more committed than ever to achieving this, which is why we are proud to announce our partnership with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA).

The SFA is a non-profit international organisation that promotes global sustainability standards for cashmere in order to restore grasslands and transform the complex supply chain of cashmere, from herders to retailers.


The social and environmental impacts of modern cashmere production are enormous. Most cashmere is produced in areas that are overgrazed, which causes emissions of CO2 from grassland soils and desertification and reduces animal welfare. Desertification also exacerbates economic hardship for nomadic herders and drives them into poverty and displacement. The SFA was established to bring together supply chain actors to address these concerns collaboratively. The aim of this collaboration is to secure cashmere as an important future source of income for herders, while enabling brands and retailers to be able to continue to benefit from its luxury status.


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