our team

The OYUNA team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of creating directional designs whilst working towards a more sustainable future for the cashmere circle.

Isobel Partow communicates our brand to the world, she loves reformer pilates and ramen. “A painting my mum made for me last summer is the most beautiful object I have. White is my favourite colour. My memories are  precious to me.  I live to take each day as it comes and find moments of joy even in the smallest of things.”

Jennifer Zhu is our amazing design intern, who is happiest playing piano or ukulele.  "The most beautiful thing for me is organic existence - specifically, from weeds in the garden to the human body. Life is my game. I am happy to see which path of narrative all my efforts and choices will lead to. My diaries, which I kept since I was four,are precious to me."

Oyuna Tserendorj - founder and creative director. "Ultimately, the meaning of a fulfilled life for me is giving. I want to give designs that inspire, shield and empower; I want to give back to the land and nomads who create our cashmere; I thrive to give light to those in my life."

Khalos Moscato is our boutique manager, who loves learning about anything - about new places, new thoughts or new ideas.   "I embrace culture and care for others and nature. The meaning of life for me to leave a mark, something to pass on to the next generation, to the world. The most beautiful objects for me are trees. ”

Lily Mason takes care of our product, her bliss is drinking a coffee in the morning sun.   “I feel happiest when I have the feeling of freedom when I cycle. The most beautiful objects for me are all my plants. I think it is important in this day and age to keep a sense of identity when everything is so easily accessible."

Oyuntsetseg Rentsendorj is master hands and eyes for checking quality of our products and managing all logistics, who is a pro basketball player.  “Clear blue sky is a real beauty for me. My three daughters are my treasure. I am obsessed with traditional Mongolian hand embroidery at the moment - once I start, I cannot stop. I like finishing things if I start something.”

Helen Marais is at the helm of our finances. She is happiest bodyboarding in the sea and catching a big South African wave.   "My family is precious to me. I was happiest on my wedding day, and the birth of my three children. I strive to be the best I can be in every aspect of my life and to live a purpose-driven life following biblical principles. I find changing seasons and nature to be the most beautiful things in life.”

David Bernasconi manages our business, who loves exploring remote mountains.   “I find it very important that we break down the notion that nature is not us - we are nature. If a beehive is nature, why is our built environment not considered nature? I love telemark skiing and being in nature with my family. A painting by Japanese artist Matsutani, fully infused by hand in charcoal, is the most beautiful object for me.”

Sonja Walker helps take care of our production. She loves bright colours and seafood. “Sunsets and thunderstorms are the most beautiful things for me. I think faith and love are important in this day and age. I thrive to keep things simple and live a purpose filled & adventurous life, surrounded by those I love. I treasure all my photographs.”