a story about our circle

A story about the meaning of our O ring

One of my cousins lives in Eastern Mongolia, by the beautiful Buir Lake, which evokes the sea with its soft waves and endless blueness. It's a part of Mongolia where you experience completely flat land full of wildflower fields in every direction and as far as you can see - a sea of land. My cousin takes care of two hundred or so horses. He used to come to visit us in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, when I was a teenager.

During one of his visits, he remarked, “How peculiar that you live between corners”. He was referring to the corners in our flat in the high-rise building where we lived at the time. He lives in a traditional Mongolian home, a ger, which is round and has no corners.

Since then, I could not help but notice round and circular shapes around me: the wedding rings my parents tied their life knots with, the moon, the sun, the human eye that so resembles the planets, and the Dharma wheel of life in Gandan Buddhist temple near our home.

A circle has no beginning or end.
A circle is timeless.

All points of a circle are equal.
A circle is inclusive.

A circle has no corners or edges.
A circle is soft.

A circle became our brand logo. It is the most precious shape for us. It represents all of the above.

Essentially it represents The Soulful Cashmere Circle: we aim to complete the circle in which cashmere exists, closing the gap between the land, its nomads, and the conscious consumer.

Oyuna Tserendorj