The NOMAD collection | by Lily Cole & OYUNA

Environmentalist, filmmaker, model, entrepreneur, mother and actor Lily Cole has collaborated with OYUNA to create a unique collection, celebrating the very start of the cashmere supply chain, the nomadic goat herders.

Launching just in time for Earth Day, The NOMAD Collection celebrates the culture and lives of the nomadic herder communities in Mongolia that OYUNA has worked with for 20 years.

“To me, the Nomads are the epitome of freedom, confidence and beauty. They live their lives without fear or comparison. Their respect to the land in Mongolia is what inspired me to create the NOMAD collection after speaking with Lily about it on a set last year. This is our way of celebrating our Nomads and giving something back to them” - Oyuna Tserendorj

Co-designed by Lily and Oyuna, The Nomad Collection consists of 9 key styles, each piece is made in Mongolia with 100% Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) certified cashmere, and designed to be mixed and matched for a contemporary take on set dressing. Signature OYUNA silhouettes are combined with expressive graphics and a colour palette featuring citrus, grass and sun, on a backdrop of neutral tones. The bold colour palette was inspired by bright traditional Mongolian clothing, while the graphic placements give a feeling of optimism.
"When I was writing my book, Who Cares Wins, I looked into nomadic cultures, because all of human history went from being nomadic to being settled. We can now carve pieces of land and make legal papers to say this is mine, this is yours, so there’s very few places now in the world that can be truly nomadic. This is why Oyuna’s work, and this project spoke to me, and why we wanted to create a collection together to celebrate the nomadic herders who make our clothes”. Lily Cole.

Giving back to our nomads…

Proceeds from The Nomad Collection will be donated to The Biodiversity and Livelihood Programme by the SFA. The programme supports the regeneration and preservation of ecosystems and protects the livelihoods of herding communities. Mongolia has one of the largest intact rangeland habitats in the world, with a unique assemblage of native wildlife. This program is targeted at three of Mongolia’s key regions: desert steppe, forest steppe and grassland steppe. Collectively, these regions are home to a wide range of internationally important animals and plants, many of which are endemic and globally threatened. To deliver the programme, the SFA is partnered with SFA-registered herding cooperatives, to adopt a community based and adaptive management approach to help provide positive outcomes for local wildlife and herder communities. Based on the Nutag* framework, this approach has proven to be effective for conserving natural habitats.



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