OYUNA x Lola James Harper Collaboration

Sometimes through shared experiences and passions, a natural desire to design and create can arise, resulting in beautiful products that have a story to tell.

This is certainly the case for this year’s collaboration between LOLA JAMES HARPER and OYUNA. A love of travel, music, friends and family bring the two brands together, and while their origins stem from different corners of the globe, LA-Paris and Mongolia-London respectively, there is a real and honest synergy that shows itself through the collaboration.

The brands have together created two limited edition items, designed to remind us that we all need our home comforts whilst out exploring the world. The first LOLA JAMES HARPER x OYUNA piece, a cashmere family blanket, made large enough to keep warm a family of four like Rami’s or Oyuna’s. The second, LJH candle number 22 developed for OYUNA, with a woody scent that is reminiscent of a roaring fire in Mongolian or out in the wilderness, where cashmere goats roam freely.

Rami Mekdachi, co-founder and creative director of Lola James Harper shares his inspiration: “I first discovered Oyuna Cashmere in Paris at Le Bon Marche. I instantly loved the raw smell of Mongolian cashmere, between sand and bamboo, between wet earth, incense and carro. Then one year later I met Oyuna Tserendorj in London at a concert and I remember how amazed we were to realise we had such similar family ways of life and brand values”.

The two brands were both born from a genuine desire to engage with the world and explore: the collaboration is a celebration of these shared notions. Creative director Oyuna Tserendorj reinforces this; “I cannot think of better people, or a better brand to develop our first candle for Home”.