OYUNA at LDF - Hunting and Narud

Time Piece

For London Design Festival 2014 we collaborated with three starkly different design practices. The pieces were exhibited as part of Brompton Design District in September 2014. 

The work of Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud often centres around material properties and processes, and understanding these basic elements are crucial. Presented with cashmere, an almost completely unknown material to them, they became fixated on the way in which the hairs on a goat transformed into a functioning object. Intensive research revealed the specific number of hairs produced by a cashmere goat in one year.
This time study was then meticulously translated into the pattern you see before you – a pattern that breaks down the amount of hair produced by month, week and even by day. The ‘time’ elements are made up of existing geometric symbols to emphasise how the pattern has been created using existing information. From this, entirely new patterns emerge from these geometric elements.

So often we are immersed in products that have been put through so many processes and treatments that all traces of origin and craft disappear. These pieces attempt to give a glimpse into just one of the many stories and processes that brought them into existence.

Portrait by Shaun James Cox