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Judy Koloko began her career as an agent in the modelling industry where she worked for a number of years before moving into management of artists in the fashion/creative industry.

Prior to focusing full time on her new project she held a role of Director of styling, set design and hair and make-up at CLM. Where she managed some of the most sort after artists in the fashion world.

Judy wearing Harmony dress.
Photographed by Cathy Kasterine

Along with sustainability, diversity and inclusivity are very much topics of conversation these days. You mentioned how there is still a big gap in the beauty industry for women of colour. Please could you share your experience and ideas about what should be done to really change the situation, not just having face foundations in all skins colours?

This is all about education. Brands need to know that people of colour play a big part in the beauty and hair industry. The black hair industry is worth an estimated 88 million in the UK. Black women spend 6 times more on their hair than their white counter parts. I do not have the answer to this hence why I feel as a woman of colour I can contribute to my community as best as I can.

Please can you share with us whatever part you can, about your experience and how you came to the idea of setting up your new exciting venture?

My venture will be an exciting luxurious global hair experience for Women of Colour. It will be an offering where Woman of Colour can access beautiful products, standout services and expert knowledge on how to look after their crown.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is very important to me. With my brand we consider our packaging materials very carefully, looking at end to end environmental impact and only use it where necessary. We will also encourage recycling of any relevant materials after use.

I am very impressed with your amazing headgear that your dear mom helped you to prepare for this portrait. What is the greatest advice your mom gave to you that you cherish?


What does the future of fashion look like to you?

I believe there will be a huge shift in many areas in the fashion industry. It will be interesting to see but I think it is very much needed.

I have a few simple questions. You can reply with just a word or a couple of words.
If I say blue, what comes to your mind?
The colour of my hair at the moment ….

The last year


My children