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Born in Melbourne, Australia, singer/songwriter Yasmin Hass-Sinclair was raised in London, England, by her German mother and Jamaican father. Yasmin draws her musical influences from the eclectic sounds she was exposed to growing up; from Luther Vandross and Angie Stone to Eva Cassidy and Leonard Cohen. Yasmin says ‘my heritage plays a big part in developing my sound, as it is important to me that I draw from both the soulful and classical styles I grew up listening to and loving to create my own raw, unique sound.'


Yasmin is wearing an AXA sweater with AXELI trousers in black. Sitting on a SCALA throw in ivory

You have a rich cultural background. Do you draw upon this in your songwriting, and, if so, how?

It‘s definitely influenced my music taste and songwriting. For me it’s important I draw on the eclectic genres I listened to growing up, weaving them into one another, to hopefully create my own sound. As culturally, the music from both sides of my background are quite different, but I think they compliment each other in the best ways.

What are your "desert island discs" (pick 3, and tell us how they've influenced your life / music / style and why!)

Resolution - by Matt Corby: I listened to it with two of my best friends pretty much on repeat for 2 hours, when we were on holiday. After that, anytime I needed to escape on my own and not be able to physically, I’d play that song on repeat for a while.

Something’s Coming - West Side Story: Stephen Sondheim is my favourite lyricist. This song represents that thrilling feeling, when you know something is about to change in your life for the better, or you’re on the brink of something creatively/personally that you know has exciting potential.

Tonight - West Side Story: It has to be from West Side Story twice for me. This is one of my favourite love songs of all time!

Yasmin is wearing a STORM Jacket with a NINA top.

What inspired your hit song, “Goodbye”, which has over 1MM streams?

I wrote Goodbye at a time when I knew I needed to end a relationship, as it was no longer serving either of us in the way that it should’ve been, or had been in the beginning. So eventually I had to face the confrontation I’d been avoiding and set a boundary, by putting myself first, whilst knowing I was nervous of the change it would bring.

We know you take a hand in your own creative direction, eg. your album covers and photoshoots. As a model, you've been on many, and as a singer you can now have more of a voice in your own direction. Tell us about what inspires you visually, during this process?

It can be anything from overhearing a conversation on the tube one morning, from a painting in a gallery, a character in a book, or a lightbulb moment as I’m drifting off to sleep. Film and theatre I also find helpful to spark something visually inspiring. And then of course, Pinterest. Slightly addicted to pinning things I find!

How is your "on stage" style different from your everyday style? Or is it not?

To be honest I haven’t quite figured out my style on stage yet. I go with how I’m feeling on the day, but so far it’s been very relaxed and similar to my day to day wear. But I definitely want to experiment some more, as I love fashion.

What artists have personally influenced you recently? List some of your favourites, and why?

Paolo Nutini’s a big inspiration of mine. I absolutely love everything about his music. And Leif Vollebekk’s another one. His melody’s and piano playing I could listen to for hours.

Yasmin wrapped in a SEREN Throw in pumpkin.
When do you feel most authentically yourself?

Definitely when I’m making music. It forces me to think about my truths and what I have/want to say.

What are your favourite pieces from OYUNA's present collection?

I love everything, but I’m obsessed with the Nina cashmere top! I’ve been wearing mine pretty much every day, over a shirt or t-shirt.

To finish off, I have a few simple questions; you can reply with a word or a couple of words… If I say blue, what comes to your mind?