charlotte taylor

Charlotte Taylor is an interior designer, creative director and founder of Maison De Sable - a creative 3D and moving image studio. Charlotte is known for her bold and eye-catching designs, and use of colour.


We would like to start by saying that here in OYUNA we are big fans of your drawings. What is the most important aspect of your creations? Are the colours an important part of it?

Thank you! The composition and framing of the space is always the most important part for me. I almost always structure my concept drawings in a rectangle frame, the spaces and home designs develop from a series of these framed spaces linking together. Colour is an important element too, but often an afterthought not the initial driving force of the work.

How do you develop through the illustration process? Do you begin the process from real life inspiration or from your imagination?

It’s really an amalgamation of everything and anything, some details are from physical spaces or objects that inhabit my home and environment, others are inspired from references and some completely fanatical.

Art, Design and Architecture. How are these 3 worlds combined in your life?

They’re interchangeable for me rather than separate worlds, a lot of my daily life revolves around these practices.

Which artists, buildings or architects inspire you and why?

Lina Bo Bardi and Carlo Scarpa are huge inspirations for me with their bold designs, attention to detail and use of materials.

Maison De Sable Studio Design Work


I have a few simple questions. You can reply with just a word or a couple of words.

If I say blue, what comes to your mind?

The sea


The mind






Design Work in Progress, Charlotte's Home