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Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and Gurushabd Singh Khalsa are Kundalini yoga teachers as taught by Yogi Bhajan. They are co-founders of the Golden Bridge Yoga Centre, the premier centre for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation in Los Angeles. Gurmukh is a pioneer in the field of prenatal yoga and the author of two books. Gurushabd Singh Khalsa has a deep understanding of the mind and human nature and is experienced in helping students deepen their meditative practice. They live in Tulum; Mexico and they have one daughter.   |  @gurmukh198

Gurushabd is wearing a WIND Jacket and Gurmukh is wearing an AXOMI jacket with SS23 Top and a skirt.

Will you please introduce yourselves to our audience?

Gurmukh: My name is Gurmukh, which has many translations in the scriptures. However, the one that resonates with me is "one who helps thousands of people across the world's oceans”. The yoga I teach can help you cross world oceans to build more grace, more strength, more heart because you come into the awareness of who you are. Gurushabd: And my name is Gurushabd. The word guru means “that which takes us”, meaning in my case me, from dark to light and the word shabd means the sound current. So, for me my deepest connection to my spirit and soul is through chanting or music that uplifts me.

For those who may not be familiar with kundalini yoga, would you explain what your work is about?

Gurushabd: Essentially, our work is centred around humanity's ancient knowledge of how to use the body and connect with our magnetic energy, or Kundalini energy, to maintain our relationship with infinity or that place where the spirit resides. Through its unique breathwork and strengths building dynamic poses, Kundalini yoga has physical benefits for the body, but it is difficult to explain further benefits for the mind without experiencing it firsthand. It is akin to discussing the concept of love without ever having felt it. It is a philosophical concept that must be experienced to fully understand it. Maybe even after that you can't tell what happened, but it made you feel amazing. However, we have found that through the practice of Kundalini yoga, individuals can achieve a greater sense of well-being and clear focus.

Gurushabd is wearing a WIND Jacket.

Will you please share with us your teaching?

Gurmukh: As a teacher with over 54 years of experience, I have found that the key to effective teaching is collaboration and a deep understanding of the body and mind. My husband and I both have unique approaches to teaching that complement each other. He focuses on leading deep meditations and playing the gong, while also teaching yoga. Meanwhile, I prepare my students and provide them with the tools they need to fully engage in his teachings, enabling them to truly feel the benefits of these practices. Throughout my years of teaching, I have come to appreciate the endless possibilities for growth and learning that come with yoga and meditation. One example of this is the meditation technique, which involves dissolving conflict and negative thinking while listening to music. I have found this to be an incredibly powerful practice, with the potential to bring about deep personal transformation.

What drives you, what’s your inspiration?

Gurmukh: As I reflect on what drives me, I realise that my inspiration lies in my deep desire to help others. From early on I knew that I was meant to make a positive impact on the world, to keep serving, hugging, and feeding those in need. It has become my daily routine, my pattern, to wake up and think about what I can do today to make a difference. And when I look back, I can see that my purpose has been shaped by the kindness and service of others. Someone saved me through their generosity and compassion, and I have been forever changed by their example. What happens if we're not helping people? What if we're not making a positive impact on the world? It's a question that we all must confront at some point in our lives. For me, the answer is clear - if I'm not helping others, then I'm not truly living. I believe that we are all here to serve humanity, to make the world a better place in our own unique way. Whether it's through a phone call to a friend in need, teaching a class, or volunteering at a local charity, every act of kindness and service has the power to transform lives. So, what drives me? The desire to make a positive impact on the world, one small act of kindness at a time. And I hope that my example inspires others to do the same.

Gurmukh is wearing a SERA Shawl and SS23 top and a skirt.

Certain poses are often done in 11 minutes in Kundalini yoga. Why exactly 11 minutes?

Gurushabd: 11 minutes is the time it takes to stimulate the glandular system, and balance it and for the blood to move all through the body. The glandular system is the guardian of our health. You should practise every day. This is because it takes approximately 11 minutes for the glandular system to fully activate and balance, and for blood to circulate throughout the body. The glandular system is a crucial component of our overall health, and by taking the time to activate and balance it every day, we can optimise our well-being and promote a deeper sense of calm and inner peace. Overall, I believe that the key to effective teaching is an open and collaborative approach, combined with a deep understanding of the body and mind. By continually exploring new techniques and approaches, and emphasising the importance of regular practice, we can unlock the transformative power of yoga and meditation and help our students achieve lasting personal growth and well-being.

You currently live in Tulum. Would you share with us how you came to the idea of moving there?

Gurmukh: It is a story that many can relate to when looking back at their lives, it was not something we had planned. And I always laugh when people make plans because God laughs even more. I was in Cancun to teach with a friend when we decided to take a side trip to Tulum. We were seeking solace from the chaos that was happening in the world, particularly in the United States. When we arrived in Tulum, we went to my favourite place, Palm, where people were laughing, eating, and enjoying live music despite the rest of the world being shut down. We encountered beautiful people along the way who had a unique language, and healing practices. They had bee temples where honey was considered sacred and had healing qualities. We even went to a sacred temple where honey was put in our eyes, resulting in clearer eyesight. We found it to be a mystical and healing experience. We began making trips back and forth until we started to envision having a house there, though we were not sure where it would be located. We initially planned to build our house in a mine-style, using rocks and wood, but we found that there were certain limitations to that style.

Gurushabd: One morning, I had the idea to build our house in the shape of a Fibonacci spiral, which is a natural pattern found in mathematics. Examples of it are the seeds of a sunflower and its even used in forecasting financial markets. So, we are building our house in Fibonacci spiral shape.

Tulum, Mexico

You have been married happily for many years. What is the secret to a long happy marriage?

Gurmukh: Just commit. And work on yourself because whatever is bugging you about him or her is inside you. It's always a mirror, no exceptions. If my husband gets short tempered and angry, it's because he's feeling it inside of me. So, we work it out.

Gurushabd: I also emphasise the importance of open and honest communication, discouraging the habit of harbouring grudges or withdrawing from dialogue for extended periods of time. Such behaviours can breed feelings of misery and estrangement, jeopardising the very foundation of a strong marriage. Furthermore, I believe that finding purpose and inspiration in serving others can contribute significantly to the fulfilment and longevity of a marriage.

Gurmukh is wearing a SERA shawl and Gurushabd is wearing an AXA Sweater.

How long have you been married now?

41 years in September.

Please share with us how you feel when wearing/using an OYUNA piece?

Wearing Oyuna feels like being wrapped in the softness of nature.

To finish off, I have a few simple questions; you can reply with a word or a couple of words…

If I say blue, what comes to your mind?





Creative woman.


Gentle communication.


Tulum MX and India.