Designed in London and proudly made in Mongolia, OYUNA offers considered designs across womenswear, unisex clothing and homeware, in its signature architectural silhouettes and bright hues. OYUNA was founded by Mongolian-born designer Oyuna Tserendorj in 2002, with the aim to design thoughtfully, using the world’s most luxurious natural material - Mongolian cashmere. 

The softness of each piece is designed to empower the wearer, with an underlying principle that we should have few, but precious objects in our lives, that maintain relevance and quality over time. Preservation of Mongolian land and its nomadic culture is crucial for OYUNA, who have worked with the same fully integrated factory in Mongolia since the brand was born, providing rewarding relationships and transparency from fibre to final stitch.
With threats to Mongolian grasslands increasing as a result of climate change and overgrazing, OYUNA is working on a ground-breaking programme to work collaboratively with nomads to track and trace the cashmere lifecycle to help preserve the land. Find strength in the softness of OYUNA cashmere.

The team

Oyuna Tserendorj - founder and creative director

"Ultimately, the meaning of a fulfilled life for me is giving.  I want to give designs that inspire and empower; to always give back to the land and the nomads who give us our cashmere,  and to give light to those in my life."  

Hannah Evans - minds for all our product and design development, loves reading in bed in the morning with a cup of tea. 

"I want to continue learning and question things I thought I knew. Moving away from homogeneity and being in touch with what makes us human is important in this day and age. I cherish my prints and drawings I’ve collected over the years. Cycling to lakes in the summer to go swimming and enjoying long meals with friends is bliss for me.” 

Adriana Cilli - communicates our brand to the world, loves her mum's marmalade biscuits from a recipe handed down over generations by her great grandmother.

"My favourite colour is seven shades of blue - il mare dei sette colori, the colour of the sea in the Campomarino di Maruggio, Italy, my summer home. The precious things for me are my photos: polaroids, films, iphone shots - that keep all my memories alive. I thrive to inspire others, open their minds. I find inspiration everywhere: in books, places, music, words.

Mariana Mora - takes care of our global retailers and interior designers with our Home Collection. True argentinian who loves empanadas. 

"I enjoy the small things in life. Compassion is important during these times. I truly love my OYUNA cashmere blanket. I find energy in achromatic black and purple colours, and walking. Dancing to good music is my absolute bliss." 

Marie-Luca Harms, aka Lulu - takes care of our retailers worldwide with our Womenswear collection, whose chocolate cake is legendary.

"I am happy with what I have in my life and I enjoy the time with my loved ones and everyone around me. I treasure my mother's wedding ring which I wear almost every day. I could eat sushi anytime. I find green to be the most beautiful colour.

Oyuntsetseg Rentsendorj aka Oya - master hands and eyes for checking quality of our products and managing all logistics, who is a pro basketball player. 

“Clear blue sky is a real beauty for me. My three daughters are my treasure. I am obsessed with traditional Mongolian hand embroidery at the moment - once I start, I cannot stop. I like finishing things if I start something.”

Catherine Earnshaw - cares for our online sales and is an amazing singer. 

"I treasure truth and kindness in life - and my childhood toy rabbit. The happiest moment in my life was when my son Sid was born. I think nature and solitude are very important in our lives."

Hestelle Buys - helps make online sales happen, is good at archery and loves reading.   

"My bliss is watching a sunset on Bloubergstrand beach, Western Cape. I was happiest when I received my Logistics Management degree. My mother is my hero. Kindness and compassion are the most beautiful things for me. Orange is the colour that gives me energy."

Camilla Sperotti - an amazing intern who helps us to communicate our brand, who is proud to be Italian.

"I love Christmas time, when I am with my family and cook typical Italian and Norwegian food with my grandparents. For me, life is about sharing my values with other people and learning theirs. I adore all shades of red. I find peonies very beautiful."

Helen Marais - who is at the helm of our finances. She is happiest bodyboarding in the sea and catching a big South African wave. 

"My family is precious to me. I was happiest on my wedding day, and the birth of my three children. I strive to be the best I can be in every aspect of my life and to live a purpose-driven life following biblical principles. I find changing seasons and nature to be the most beautiful things in life.”

Oyuna Tserendorj's talk - TEDxUlaanbaatar