Snow is still here

Altai Mountains Range is still covered in snow. The Western Mongolia's temperatures are much colder compared to the Central or Eastern Mongolia, with temperatures reaching to -30C in winter. June day temperatures can be +16-20C, night temperatures +5-9C. But higher in the Mountains snow can stay during the summer too.

Snow on top of a nomadic “ger”

The traditional symbol of a nomadic civilisation has existed since at least the fifth century BC. As Mongolians have always lived in harmony with nature, their dwelling – the ger, does not violate the ecological balance. As the Mongolian nomads move several times a year from one place to another, the land where they build the ger, restores quickly.

Altansukh - head of Bayantol Community, on a horse, rounding up his yaks at the end of the day.

Day started with a snowstorm.