Designer Maker User - The Design Museum

Housed in one of London's most exciting and awe inspiring new buildings - the John Pawson designed 'Design Museum' - 'Designer Maker User' is a historic look at the development of modern design through three interconnected roles.

Housing everything from adidas' timeless Stan Smith to the AK-47, and just about everything in-between, anyone who has a passion for great product design is sure to be greatly rewarded from a collection of some of the most timeless and iconic pieces ever produced, all under one roof.

Situated on the second floor of the breathtaking new Design Museum, the deceptively small entrance to the exhibition opens up into a vast and varied look at the everyday, and the extraordinary. The entrance is flanked by the 'Crowdsourced Wall' where 500 of the general public suggested their most important objects to be featured.

With more than 200 nominated objects from 25 countries on display, the wall showcases a diverse selection of pieces that are deemed essential to the everyday life. Featuring the world famous London Underground 'Roundel', the Eames Eiffel chair, Levi's 501, Burberry Mac, £5 banknote and many more, it's a joy to take a look at how essential the items selected are to your daily life. A highly recommended exhibition, and one for all the family.

The Design Museum
224-238 Kensington High Street
London, W8 6AG.

GuidesCatherine Earnshaw