The Inspiring Works of Julia Dault

We often look to the world of modern art for inspiration - whether that be for our annual home collections, or our seasonal womenswear offerings - putting together a mood board of striking and thought provoking imagery that (hopefully) sparks off a creative new idea. The inspiration boards in our London design studio are chocked full of images from a wide variety of sources, although no inspiration was more prevalent with our forthcoming Autumn/Winter 17 womenswear collection than the truly magnificent works of Canadian artist, Julia Dault. 

The fluid lines of curved plexiglass and formica - which incidentally Dault bends, shapes and constricts all by hand inside the exhibition space - inspired our take on proportion and silhouette this coming season, with sleeve styles having a distinctive Dault-like outward curve to them. Abstract prints gave a nod to the controlled chaos of Dault's work with the exploded prints, mirroring the 'about-to-explode' feeling you get when standing near these wrestled masterpieces.

It's not just Julia Dault's incredible sculptures that have informed silhouette and print this season, but her commitment to working with the traditional in a non-traditional way that has really inspired us. Taking the ordinary and making it extra-ordinary. That is what is most inspiring about Dault and her work. - O

LaunchCatherine Earnshaw