The Curated World of Andreas Murkudis

Treading the line between a gallery and a retail space, Andreas Murkudis’ eponymous flagship store (known colloquially as simply AM) in Berlin features a 7,000-piece collection of exquisite fashion, furniture, beauty products and accessories. Murkudis, who’s long been considered a visionary in Berlin’s retail scene, is perhaps first and foremost a talented curator - one who enjoys filling his ‘gallery’ with a fine balance of the luxurious and the affordable; the instantly recognised with the under-the-radar. 

In 2011, Murkudis moved his flagship store from the hip Mitte district to the quieter Tiergraten district. It was a surprising relocation considering Murkudis was a key force in turning Mitte into the hipster hub it is today. But Murkudis likes to explore new territories. The unpretentious Tiergraten district has since transformed into a contemporary art hub—a development that, unsurprisingly, was somewhat triggered by AM’s move. Murkudis seems more at home in the company of galleries than among other fashion retailers; with its 7.5m-high ceilings, 1,000sqm open-plan space, huge glass windows and all-white minimalist interior, AM feels like an intimate museum. 

It’s always a pleasure to visit the store on our trips to the German capital, seeing the way that Murkudis has contextualised our OYUNA products in a space filled with some of our favourite other brands: Yohji Yamamoto, Celine and Dries Van Noten as well as e15, Lobmeyer and Isaac Reina are just some of the other mainstays that populate Murkudis’ world. 

AM’s interiors and buys are only part of the story however. Murkudis cultivates artist relationships and a gallery ambience by holding shows for new labels and artistic collaborations. “I like to work on a deeper level and build relationships with brands,” he said in an interview to How To Spend It magazine, “It’s more fun that way.” In 2013, Murkudis showcased a collaborative installation devised by Oyuna and Peter Marigold. The skeletal, modular construct recontextualised the spirit and functionality of a Mongolian Ger (a traditional tent home) to serve as a backdrop for Oyuna’s sensuous throws and shawls. We cherish our relationship with Murkudis, which goes well beyond standard stockist-supplier exchanges, and we’re looking forward to our next Oyuna x Andreas Murkudis collaboration. 

Catherine Earnshaw