Explore Spring/Summer 17 Accessories

Explore Spring/Summer 17 Accessories

With the first glimmer of what spring might have in store for us breaking through the clouds, we've launched our Spring/Summer 17 Accessories collection. Calling on our womenswear collection for inspiration, our hand-painted 'hero' pieces are translated into shawls through brush stroke prints and subtle irregular detailing - O


The Kare is a lightweight cashmere shawl and one of our key collection pieces this season, it's segmented colour blocks with brush style finish, compliments our hand-painted SS17 'hero' pieces, such as the Via dress and Ersho top perfectly. - O

Poli & Mila

A polka-dot scarf is definitely a playful staple for your wardrobe, but we wanted to do something different with our shawl. Using irregular finishing with our polka-dots means the shawl becomes more relaxed and less brash. For the Mila we worked with an exciting cold-dye technique, this gives each shawl a unique finish and further taps into the feeling of individuality with this collection. - O

Lora & Inda

For those of us who like to keep things a bit more classic, we've introduced the Lora shawl. Lightweight - so ideal for layering with your outfit - we've offered it in three diverse block-colours. The Inda is a favourite of our design studio, and is our take on the classic check shawl, with the artisanal print offering something different. 

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